Previous Pálsson Lectures

Previous Hermann Pálsson Lectures are listed here:

Year Name Title NS issue
2023 Terry Gunnell ‘Floating High Seat Pillars and the Settlement of Iceland: Fact, Fake News or Folklore?’
2022 Donna Heddle ‘”Anither scone, mynheer?”: The Linguistic Legacy in Scots of the North Sea Economic Networks’
2021 Graeme Morton ‘The Climatic Motive for Leaving Scotland: c.1770-c.1890’ 53
2020 Astrid Ogilvie ‘Weather as Magic and Metaphor in the Sagas of Icelanders’
2019 Poul Holm ‘Novel Wealth – Iceland, Faroes, Shetland, and the Cod, c. 1450-1750′ 52
2018 Gísli Sigurðsson ‘Hermann Pálsson’s Breakthrough and the Big Questions in Saga Scholarship’
2017 Margaret MacKay ‘Vestur-Íslendingar: The Icelanders of Manitoba’ 50
2016 Gillian Fellows-Jensen ‘Cross-cultural Links and Bonds of Friendship’ 49
2015 Ted Cowan ‘Last Exit from Largs 1263: The Battle in Context’
2014 Brian Smith ‘How Not to Reconstruct the Iron Age in Shetland: Interpretations of Clickhimin Broch, 1953-2008’ 47
2013 Barbara E. Crawford ‘Moving around the Northern Earldoms – Maintaining Contact and Control in Viking-Age Orkney and North Scotland’
2012 Steve Murdoch ‘The Scots in Early Modern Scandinavia – A Review’ 44
2011 Arne Kruse ‘Columba and Jonah – a Motif in the Dispersed Art of Iona’ 44
2010 Rósa Þorsteinsdóttir ‘”So is all the world a story”: An Icelandic Storyteller’s Life and Stories’ 43
2009 Judith Jesch ‘”True tales”: Poetry and the Writing of Orkneyinga saga
2008 Peter Graves ‘”Gigantic grandeur” or “Odd, boring, morbid and obscene”: Aspects of the Reception of Scandinavian Literature in Britain’ 42
2007 Ole-Didrik Laerum ‘The Blackhouse and Røykstova: A Common North Sea Tradition’ 41
2006 Hafliði Hallgrimsson ‘The Whirld of Incidences’
2005 Paul Bibre Laxdaela Saga: the Shape of an Icelandic Romance’