Magnusson Prize Winners

Previous winners of the Magnus Magnusson Prize are listed here:

Year Name Essay Title NS issue
2023 Iain Duncan Cameron ‘”Farmers, Fishermen and Ferryloopers”: The Influence of the Scottish Presbyterian Church on Northern Isles Society and Culture in the Late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries’ Forthcoming
2021 Jesse Patrick Harrington ‘Northern Maccabees: The Speech of Ralph Nowell, Bishop of Orkney, at the Battle of the Standard (1138)’ 53
2020 Peter Church ‘Why are there very few Scandinavian Place-names in Ireland?’ 52
2018 Caitlin Ellis ‘Impressions of a Twelfth-Century Maritime Ruler – Somerled: Viking warrior, Clan Chieftain or Traitor to the Scottish King?’ 51
2016 Anna Kuprian ‘Negotiating Contested Landscapes: the Lupin Controversy in Iceland’ 49
2014 Christian Cooijmans ‘The Controlled Decline of Viking-Ruled Dorestad’ 47
2013 Guinevere Barlow ‘A Northern Charm: Some Popular Uses of Sea-Beans’ 46
2012 Claire McLoughlin ‘The Control of Trade in Scotland During the Reigns of James VI and Charles I’ 45
2011 Tom Turpie ‘The Many Lives of St. Duthac of Tain: Tracing the Origins of a Late Medieval Scottish Saint’ 44
2009 Rebecca Hall ‘Silver Hoards of Viking Age Scotland’ 43
2008 Linda Andersson Burnett ‘Abode of Satan: The Appeal of the Magical and Superstitious North in 18th-Century Britain’ 41
2007 Siobhan Talbott ‘Scottish Women and the Scandinavian Wars of the Seventeenth Century’ 40
2005 Remco Knooihuizen ‘The Norn-to-Scots Language Shift: Another Look at the Socio-Historical Evidence’ 39
2003 Alison Grant ‘A Reconsideration of the Kirk-Names in South-West Scotland’ 38