Northern Studies Vol 51

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The 2020 print edition of Northern Studies volume 5.

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  • Impressions of a Twelfth-Century Maritime Ruler – Somerled: Viking Warrior, Clan Chieftain or Traitor to the Scottish King?
    Caitlin Ellis
  • Whence and Whither, Óláfr? A Short Conjecture about the Location of ‘Laithlind’
    Dirk H. Steinforth
  • Private Women and Public Men? A Critique of the Gendered Dichotomy of the Viking Age
    Tara Athanasiou
  • Three Scots Tombs in Riga
    Kelsey Jackson Williams
  • Book Review – The Runic Inscriptions of the Isle of Man, by Michael P. Barnes
    David N. Parsons
  • Book Review – The Vikings in Islay: The Place of Names in Hebridean Settlement History, by Alan Macniven
    Hannah Burrows
  • Book Review – Voices of the Forest: A Social History of Scottish Forestry in the Twentieth Century, by Mairi Stewart
    John A. Burnett