Northern Studies Vol 41

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The 2010 print edition of Northern Studies volume 41.

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  • The Blackhouse and Røykstova: A Common North Sea Tradition
    Ole Didrik Laerum
  • The Viking-Age Silver Hoard(s) from Dunrossness, Shetland
    James Graham-Campbell
  • The diocese of Sodor between Niðaróss and Avignon – Rome, 1266-1472
    Sarah E. Thomas
  • The Heritage of Isak Mackay: A Scottish-Swedish Family in the Iron Industry in the Late 17th and Early 18th Centuries
    Henrik Ågren and Stefan Simander
  • Abode of Satan: The Appeal of the Magical and Superstitious North in 18th Century Britain
    Linda Andersson Burnett
  • Book Review – Reception and Construction of the Norse Past in Orkney, by Sebastian Seibert
    William P.L. Thomson