Northern Studies Vol 53

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The 2022 print edition of Northern Studies volume 53.

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  • ‘The Climatic Motive for Leaving Scotland, c.1770 – c.1890’ by Graeme Morton (the Seventeenth Hermann Pálsson Lecture (2021))
  • ‘Northern Maccabees: The Speech of Ralph Nowell, Bishop of Orkney, at the Battle of the Standard (1138)’ by Jesse Patrick Harrington (winner Of The Magnus Magnusson Essay Prize (2021))
  • ‘Scottish Involvement in Sir Charles Morgan’s Expedition to Denmark, 1627-1629’ by Jack Abernethy
  • ‘Mary Haynes and Frances Drummond: Two Abandoned Wives of Scottish Soldiers During the Thirty Years’ War (1618 – 1648)’ by Steve Murdoch
  • ‘”Roi d’Angleterre” and “Le Pretendant”: A Cultural Semiotic Approach to the Use of Titles by Swedish Diplomats, 1715 – 1717’ by Emma Forsberg
  • ‘The History of the North of Scotland Before 1945: As Told By Surfers’ by Matt McDowell

And a selection of reviews.