Northern Studies volume 51 now out!

Northern Studies volume 51 now out!


The editorial team at Northern Studies are delighted to announce that volume 51 is now out!

We were delighted to take delivery of copies of Northern Studies volume 51 a little earlier this month.

This great volume includes some fantastic research hot off the presses:

  • ‘Impressions of a twelfth-century maritime ruler – Somerled: viking warrior, clan chieftain or traitor to the Scottish king?’ by Caitlin Ellis (winner of the Magnus Magnusson Essay Prize in 2018)
  • ‘Whence and whither, Óláfr? – A short conjecture about the location of ‘Laithlind’ by Dirk H Steinforth
  • ‘Private Women and Public Men? A critique of the gendered dichotomy of the Viking Age’ by Tara Athanasiou
  • ‘Three Scots Tombs in Riga’ by Kelsey Jackson Williams
  • Plenty of additional content and reviews!

We have now processed all copies for members and subscribers, and these should be arriving with you before the end of September (in the UK) and by mid-October (overseas). If you would like to read our latest volume and are not a member, then check out our current membership offer to gain exclusive access and receive your copy of Northern Studies 51.

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