Viking Scotland Lecture – Colleen Batey

Viking Scotland Lecture – Colleen Batey


On 11 Nov, our former President, Colleen Batey will be delivering a lecture in Edinburgh re-assessing Viking Scotland.

On 11 November, our former President, Dr Colleen Batey, will be delivering a lecture entitled Viking Scotland: Results, Opportunities and Ways Forward. This free (but ticketed) event is hosted by our colleagues at the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

It is 20 years since the seminal volume Vikings in Scotland: an archaeological survey was published by Edinburgh University Press (EUP) under the authorship of James Graham-Campbell and Colleen Batey. This period has brought many changes to our understanding of the Scandinavian presence in Scotland, some through the results of targeted research agendas, others through chance finds during field survey and metal detecting. The published integration of all aspect of archaeological endeavour – both on and off-site, has provided a unique opportunity to re-assess the impact of this period which spanned essentially 600 years.

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