Caithness: A Cultural Crossroads (1982)

Caithness: A Cultural Crossroads (1982)

Papers from the Society’s conference in Thurso, 1979.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin – pp. vi-viii

Ronald G. Cant – pp. 1-5

The Making of the Caithness Landscape
Donald Ormand – pp. 6-24

Caithness in the Sagas
Edward J. Cowan – pp. 25-44

The Late Norse Site of Freswick
Colleen Batey – pp. 45-60

Scots and Scandinavians in Mediaeval Caithness: A Study of the Period 1266-1375
Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 61-74

Scandinavians and Celts in Caithness: The Place-Name Evidence
W.F.H. Nicolaisen – pp. 75-85

Some Small Farms and Cottages in Latheron Parish, Caithness
Geoffrey Stell – pp. 86-114

An Introduction to the Caithness Flagstone Industry
John Porter – pp. 115-129

Pulteneytown and the Planned Villages of Caithness
Jean Dunlop – pp. 130-159

Fishing the Sellag: Hand-Netting Traditions from Caithness, the Northern and Western Isles
John R. Baldwin – pp. 160-212

Poems: ‘Div Ye Mind?’ & ‘A Short History of Caithness’
Donald Grant – pp. 213-216

Other Volumes