Islands of Place and Space (2022)

Islands of Place and Space (2022)

This volume honours the work of Dr Arne Kruse, bringing together fifteen contributions on the history, historical linguistics, toponymy, and literature of Scotland, Scandinavia, and beyond – covering a broad geographical, chronological, and interdisciplinary scope.

This festschrift honours the achievements of Dr Arne Kruse, who retired from the University of Edinburgh after an accomplished scholarly career of over four decades as a researcher and educator. In celebrating his academic body of work, this volume brings together fifteen contributions from Arne’s colleagues and friends, investigating and interweaving various aspects of the history, historical linguistics, toponymy, and literature of Scotland, Scandinavia, and beyond. Wide-ranging in their geographical, chronological, and interdisciplinary scope, these collective contributions are a fitting tribute to the breadth, depth, and versatility of Arne’s own research – covering land and sea, connecting islands of place and space.

Edited by Christian Cooijmans


  • Preface – Angus Robertson
  • Introduction – Christian Cooijmans, with Brigitte Guenier-Kruse
  • Tabula Gratulatoria
  • Real-Time Sound Changes in a Minnesota-Norwegian Dialect between the 1980s and 2010s – Arnstein Hjelde
  • Metaphors in Mountain Names – with Particular Reference to Western Norway – Botolv Helleland
  • The Place-Name Collection Project in Møre and Romsdal, Norway – Berit Sandnes
  • Lagerlöf on the Border with Norway – Bjarne Thorup Thomsen
  • Ein målmann dristar seg ut: Aasmund Olavsson Vinje in Edinburgh and the Emerging Nynorsk World View – Guy Puzey
  • ‘Over hill, over dale’: Reviewing the Distribution and Significance of Old Norse dalr in Scottish Place-Names – Alan Macniven
  • Þursasker: A Note – Brian Smith
  • Norse Shielings in Caithness: ‘A Perverse Distribution’ – Ryan Foster (Open Access)
  • Place-Names of Mingulay – Anke-Beate Stahl
  • After the Vikings: Language Shift in Scotland and the Irish Sea World – Pavel Iosad
  • Assigned to Favourable Sites? What Spatial Analyses Can Reveal about Place-Names Ending in –bólstaðr and –staðir – Peder Gammeltoft
  • When Herring Was King? Boom and Recession in Shetland, 1880–1893 – Linda Riddell
  • Language and Landscape: Focalisation and the Arne Kruse Method – Liv Helene Willumsen
  • Frolics and Freuteries: Norse Magic and Norn Words – Andrew Jennings
  • Homeward Bound – Hilde Rognskog and Heidi Rognskog Mella
  • Bibliography of Arne Kruse

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