Galloway: Land and Lordship (1991)

Galloway: Land and Lordship (1991)

This volume, based on papers read at the Society’s annual conference of 1986, explores Galloway from a variety of historical perspectives and academic disciplines.

Front Matter

David Sellar – pp. vii-x

Galloway: Locality and Landscape Evolution
Ian A. Morrison – pp. 1-16

The Literary Sources for the Life of St Ninian
John MacQueen – pp. 17-26

Whithorn: The Missing Years
Peter H. Hill – pp. 27-44

Pre-Norman Sculpture in Galloway: Some Territorial Implications
Derek J. Craig – pp. 45-62

The Vikings in Galloway: A Review of the Evidence
Edward J. Cowan – pp. 63-76

Scandinavians in Dumfriesshire and Galloway: The Place-Name Evidence
Gillian Fellows-Jensen – pp. 77-96

Gall-Gaidhil and Galloway
Daphne Brooke – pp. 97-116

Fergus, Galloway and the Scots
Richard D. Oram – pp. 117-130

The Laws of Galloway: A Preliminary Study
Hector L. MacQueen – pp. 131-144

Medieval Buildings and Secular Lordship
Geoffrey P. Stell – pp. 145-160

Burns, Bannockburn and the Archaeology of the Evanescent
Ian A. Morrison – pp. 161-170

Other Volumes