The Province of Strathnaver (2000)

The Province of Strathnaver (2000)

This volume explores the history and every-day life of these northernmost parts of the Scottish mainland.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin – pp. ix-xxi


Medieval Strathnaver
Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 1-12

A Scatter of Norse Names in Strathnaver
Doreen Waugh – pp. 12-23

A Viking Burial at Balnakeil, Sutherland
Dorothy M. Low, Colleen E. Batey & Robert Gourlay – pp. 24-34


From Clanship to Crafting: Landownership, Economy and the Church in the Province of Strathnaver
Malcolm Bangor-Jones – pp. 35-99

Fearchar Lighiche and the Traditional Medicines of the North
Mary Beith – pp. 100-115

Working with Seaweed in North-West Sutherland
John R. Baldwin – pp. 116-142

Bighouse and Strath Halladale, Sutherland
Elizabeth Beaton – pp. 143-172

The Excavation of a Turf Long-House at Lairg, Sutherland
R.P.J. McCullagh – pp. 173-193

The Strathnaver Clearances in Modern Scottish Fiction: History, Literary Perception and Memory
Laurence Gourievidis – pp. 194-214


Souterrains in Sutherland
Alex Morrison – pp. 215-235

Palaeo-Environmental History of the Strathnaver Area of Sutherland: 0-12,000 BP
Jacqueline P. Huntley – pp. 236-245

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