The Faces of Orkney: Stones, Skalds & Saints (2003)

The Faces of Orkney: Stones, Skalds & Saints (2003)

The conference which gave rise to this Orkney volume took place in Kirkwall in July 1999 and was contributed to by local people.

Front Matter

Doreen J. Waugh – pp. i-iii

Christine De Luca – pp. 1-3

Runic Tradition in Orkney: From Orphir to the Belsair Guest House
Michael P. Barnes – pp. 4-17

Arnórr, Earls’ Propagandist? – On the Techniques and Social Functions of Skaldic Eulogy
Diana Whaley – pp. 18-32

George Mackay Brown: Poet and Story Teller
Archie Bevan – pp. 33-45

St Magnus: An Exploration of his Sainthood
William P.L. Thomson – pp. 46-64

Earldom and Kingdom: Orkney in the Realm of Norway 1195-1379
Steinar Imsen – pp. 65-80

Cathedral, Palace and Castle: The Strongholds of Kirkwall
Peter Anderson – pp. 81-93

Samuel Laing of Papdale, Orkney: A Kelp-laird’s Political Ambitions, 1824-1834
R.P. Fereday – pp. 94-107

Famine and Victuals on the Graemeshall Estate
Sheena Wenham – pp. 108-123

Some Thoughts on the Importance of ‘Things’
Anne Brundle – pp. 124-127

The Vikings in Orkney
James Graham-Campbell – pp. 128-137

Curiouser and Curiouser: Mysteries of Tuquoy and Scar
Olwyn Owen – pp. 138-160

A Tale of Two Chapels
John Hunter – pp. 161-174

Bed Rock, Ice Age and Holocene Environment in Orkney
John Brown – pp. 175-195

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