Mannin Revisited: Twelve Essays on Manx Culture (2002)

Mannin Revisited: Twelve Essays on Manx Culture (2002)

This volume of twelve essays derives from the SSNS conference held in Port Erin in 2000, covering the geography, archaeology, and history of Man

Front Matter

Peter Davey and David Finlayson – p. i

Changing Landscapes of the Isle of Man
Richard C. Chiverrell – pp. 1-9

Manx Sculptured Monuments and the Early Viking Age
Ross Trench-Jellicoe – pp. 10-34

Manx Place-Names: An Ulster View
Kay Muhr – pp. 36-52

Emerging from the Mist: Ireland and Man in the Eleventh Century
Sean Duffy – pp. 53-61

Watch and Ward on the Isle of Man: The Medieval Re-occupation of Iron Age Promontory Forts
Andrew Johnson – pp. 63-80

At the Crossroads of Power and Cultural Influence: Manx Archaeology in the High Middle Ages
Peter Davey – pp. 81-102

A Brief Encounter: The Duke of Atholl and the Isle of Man 1736-1764
Ros Stott – pp. 104-113

Manx Farming Communities and Traditions: An Examination of Manx Farming between 1750 and 1900
Chris J. Page – pp. 115-135

Manx Folklore: A Changing or Continuous Tradition?
Yvonne Cresswell – pp. 137-150

‘The Devil once a Fiddler Made’: The Connection between Manx, Scottish and Norwegian Fiddle Music
Fenella C. Bazin – pp. 151-160

The Isle of Man – In the British Isles but not Ruled by Britain: A Modern Peculiarity from Ancient Occurrences
Sybil Sharpe – pp. 161-172

Securing the Future for Manx Gaelic
Philip Gawne – pp. 173-183

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