Firthlands of Ross and Sutherland (1986)

Firthlands of Ross and Sutherland (1986)

This volume contains a wide assortment of papers investigating the region surrounding the Dornoch and Cromarty Firths.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin – pp. vii-ix

Geology and Landscape of Easter Ross and Sutherland
Con Gillen – pp. 1-22

Norse and Celtic Place-Names around the Dornoch Firth
Ian A. Fraser – pp. 23-32

The Making of a Frontier: The Firthlands from the Ninth to Twelfth Centuries
Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 33-46

The Medieval Church in the North: Contrasting Influences in the Dioceses of Ross and Caithness
Ronald G. Cant – pp. 47-58

The Earldom of Ross and the Lordship of the Isles
Jean Munro – pp. 59-67

The Moray Firth Province: Trade and Family Links in the Eighteenth Century
Ian R.M. Mowat – pp. 68-87

The Cromartie Estate, 1660-1784: Aspects of Trade and Organization
Monica Clough – pp. 88-97

Architecture and Society in Easter Ross before 1707
Geoffrey Stell – pp. 98-132

Late-Seventeenth and -Eighteenth Century Estate Girnals in Easter Ross and South-East Sutherland
Elizabeth Beaton – pp. 133-152

Land Assessments and Settlement History in Sutherland and Easter Ross
Malcolm Bangor-Jones – pp. 153-166

The Clearances in South-East Sutherland
Rod Houston – pp. 168-181

The Long Trek: Agricultural Change and the Great Northern Drove
John R. Baldwin – pp. 182-220

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