The Scandinavians in Cumbria (1985)

The Scandinavians in Cumbria (1985)

Papers from the Society’s annual conference, held in Ambleside, Cumbria.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin & Ian D. Whyte – pp. v-vi

Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 1-5

Pre-Viking Change in the Cumbrian Landscape
Peter Vincent – pp. 6-16

Cumbria before the Vikings: A Review of Some ‘Dark Age’ Problems in North-West England
Deirdre O’Sullivan – pp. 17-36

The Scandinavians in North Cumbria: Raids and Settlement in the Later Ninth- to Mid-Tenth Centuries
Nick Higham – pp. 37-52

Aspects of Viking-Age Sculpture in Cumbria
Richard N. Bailey – pp. 53-64

Scandinavian Settlement in Cumbria and Dumfriesshire: The Place-Name Evidence
Gillian Fellows-Jensen – pp. 65-82

Bryant’s Gill, Kentmere: Another ‘Viking-Period’ Ribblehead?
Steve Dickinson – pp. 83-88

The Multiple Estate: A Framework for the Evolution of Settlement in Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian Cumbria
Angus J.L. Winchester – pp. 89-102

Shielings and the Upland Pastoral Economy of the Lake District in Medieval and Early Modern Times
Ian D. Whyte – pp. 103-117

Pre-Conquest Settlement in the Forest of Bowland
Mary C. Higham – pp. 118-134

Vernacular Building Traditions in the Lake District
R.W. Brunskill – pp. 135-160

Scandinavian Influences on Cumbrian Dialect
Stanley Ellis – pp. 161-167

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