Peoples & Settlement in North-West Ross (1994)

Peoples & Settlement in North-West Ross (1994)

This volume brings together research by established authorities on the archaeology, sociology, and (oral) history of north-west Ross.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin – pp. vii-xvi


Man and the Land: Physical Environment and Settlement in the North-West Highlands
Douglas P. Willis – pp. 1-14


Aspects of the Origin of the Brochs of Atlantic Scotland
Euan W. Mackie – pp. 15-42

Descendants of Norse Bólstaðr?: A Re-Examination of the Lineage of Bost & Co.
Richard Cox – pp. 43-67


What is a Vik?: An Investigation into an Old Norse Coastal Toponym
Ian A. Fraser – pp. 68-78

Mackenzie Families of the Barony of Lochbroom
Malcolm Bangor-Jones – pp. 79-117

The Church in the Western Parishes: Kintail to Lochbroom
R.W. Munro – pp. 118-135

The Making of the Gairloch Crofting Landscape
J.B. Caird – pp. 136-158

Building Traditions in Lochbroom and Gairloch Parishes
Elizabeth Beaton – pp. 159-192


The MacLeods of Lewis… and of Assynt, Coigach and Gairloch
Aubrey Halford-Macleod – pp. 193-213

Two Ecclesiastical Sites in the Summer Isles, Wester Ross
Marilyn Brown – pp. 214-225

Early Fishery and Forestry Developments on the Cromartie Estate of Coigach: 1660-1746
Monica Clough – pp. 226-243

Ullapool and the British Fisheries Society
Jean Munro – pp. 244-269

Poverty and Survival in Nineteenth Century Coigach
Eric Richards – pp. 270-289

At the Back of the Great Rock: Crofting and Settlement in Coigach, Lochbroom
John R. Baldwin – pp. 290-389

‘Locals’ and ‘Incomers’: Social and Cultural Identity in Late Twentieth Century Coigach
Angus Macleod and Geoff Payne – pp. 390-411

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