Traversing the Inner Seas (2017)

Traversing the Inner Seas (2017)

This peer-reviewed volume represents some of the foremost research from the Society’s most recent residential conferences, exploring the turbulent history and legacy of the interconnected seascape between Scotland and the north of Ireland.

Throughout the medieval period, the ‘Inner Seas’ linking Scotland, the Hebrides, and the north of Ireland represented a confluence and crucible of identity. The region’s myriad islands served as stepping stones in a maritime network across which people, property, and perceptions travelled freely and purposefully. Encompassing three main themes, ten authors, and a multitude of interdisciplinary insights, this peer-reviewed volume represents some of the foremost research from the most recent residential conferences of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies, exploring the turbulent history and legacy of this interconnected seascape as both centre and periphery.

Edited by Christian Cooijmans

Front Matter

Alan Macniven – pp. ix-xiii

Christian Cooijmans – p. xiv

Along the Inner Seas

Longhouses Below the Waves: A Place-Name Analysis of the Norse Settlement of Tiree
John Holliday – pp. 2-21

What’s in a Name? The Historical Significance of Norse Naming Strategies in the Isle of Islay
Alan Macniven – pp. 22-50

Gaming Material Culture and Hybridity: Finlaggan and the Kingdom of the Isles at Play
Mark A. Hall – pp. 51-84

Across the Inner Seas

Scottish Affairs and the Political Context of Cogadh Gaedhel Re Gallaibh
Clare Downham – pp. 86-106

The Use of the Scandinavian Place-Name Elements –Sætr and –Ærgi in Skye and the Outer Hebrides
Ryan Foster – pp. 107-139

News Recording and Cultural Connections between Early Medieval Ireland and Northern Britain
Nicholas Evans – pp. 140-169

An Exploration of Thing Sites in the Islands on the Scottish West Coast
Alexandra Sanmark – pp. 170-196

Beyond the Inner Seas

The Norway to Be: Laithlind and Avaldsnes
Arne Kruse – pp. 198-231

Hammerhead Crosses of the Viking Age
Jamie Barnes – pp. 232-273

Late Medieval Vikings: The MacDonald Raids on Orkney c. 1461
Ian Peter Grohse – pp. 274-290


Full PDF available from Humanities Commons

DOI: 10.17613/bb03-nn20

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