Scandinavian Shetland: An Ongoing Tradition? (1978)

Scandinavian Shetland: An Ongoing Tradition? (1978)

These papers, delivered in Lerwick in April 1975 at the third conference of the SSNS, touch on a range of historical, ethnological, and contemporary topics, many of which have been little researched hitherto and many of which have been little publicised.

Front Matter

John R. Baldwin – pp. vi-vii

Sir David Sinclair of Sumburgh: ‘Foud’ of Shetland and Governor of Bergen Castle
Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 1-11

Faroe and its Shetland Connections
T.M.Y. Manson – pp. 13-22

The Scandinavian Influence in the Making of Modern Shetland
Hance D. Smith – pp. 22-33

A Hundred Years of Lerwick
James R.S. Clark – pp. 35-41

Shetland in the Seventies: A Shetlander’s View of Oil
Edward Thomason – pp. 43-47

Shetland Boats and Their Origins
T. Henderson – pp. 49-55

Aspects of Viking Small Craft in the Light of Shetland Practice
Ian A. Morrison – pp. 57-75

Boatbuilding by the Duncans of Hamnavoe, Burra Isle
Adrian G. Osler – pp. 77-84

The Keeping and Milking of Sheep in the Old Subsistence Economy of Scandinavia, Iceland and Northern Europe
Jon Bergsaker – pp. 85-96

Norse Influences in Sheep Husbandry on Foula, Shetland
John R. Baldwin – pp. 97-127

Other Volumes