Shetland’s Northern Links: Language & History (1996)

Shetland’s Northern Links: Language & History (1996)

The conference which gave rise to this publication was held in Lerwick, Shetland, in July 1993, and marked the quarter-centenary of the Society’s existence.

Front Matter

Doreen J. Waugh – pp. i-ii

Jakob Jakobsen and the Norn Language of Shetland
Michael P. Barnes – pp. 1-15

Tingwall: The Significance of the Name
Gillian Fellows-Jensen – pp. 16-29

The Development of the Spoken and Written Shetland Dialect: A Historian’s View
Brian Smith – pp. 30-43

‘We’re aa da same here – but different, too’: Some Notes on Regional Linguistic Variation in Shetland
Gunnel Melchers – pp. 44-51

Shetland Literature and the Idea of Community
Laurence Graham – pp. 52-65

Shetland: The Land, Sea and Human Environments
James R. Coull – pp. 66-77

The Auld Rock: The Physical Environment as an Element in the Interplay of Continuity and Change in Shetland’s History
Ian A. Morrison – pp. 78-90

Trees in Shetland? – A Palynological Exploration
Graeme Whittington – pp. 91-102

Not Seeing the Wood: An Armchair Archaeology of Shetland
Noel Fojut – pp. 103-116

Aspects of Viking Society in Shetland and the Faroe Islands
Steffen Stummann Hansen – pp. 117-135

The Excavation of a Wooden Building at The Biggings, Papa Stour, Shetland
Barbara E. Crawford – pp. 136-158

The Medieval Church in Shetland: Organisation and Buildings
Ronald G. Cant – pp. 159-173

Earl William to Earl Patrick: A Survey of the History of Orkney and Shetland from 1468 to 1615
Peter Anderson – pp. 174-185

Perceptions of Udal Law in Orkney and Shetland
Michael R.H. Jones – pp. 186-204

Heaps, Humps and Hollows on the Foula Skattald
John R. Baldwin – pp. 205-229

Three Rifted or Four Topped: Nineteenth Century Lug Marks from North Yell
Alexander Fenton – pp. 230-241

Sand, Innersand and Garderhouse: Place-Names in Use
Doreen J. Waugh – pp. 242-254

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