Moray: Province and People (1993)

Moray: Province and People (1993)

In keeping with the traditions of the Society, this volume emphasises multidisciplinarity, containing papers on Moray’s geology, history, archaeology, architecture, and place-name studies.

Front Matter

David Sellar – pp. v-vi

The Geology and Landscape of Moray
Cornelius Gillen – pp. 1-23

Man in Moray: 5000 Years of History
Ian Keillar – pp. 24-46

The Moray Aerial Survey: Discovering the Prehistoric and Proto-Historic Landscape
Barri Jones, Ian Keillar, and Keith Maude – pp. 47-74

The Picts in Moray
Ian A.G. Shepherd – pp. 75-90

Further Thoughts on Sueno’s Stone
Anthony Jackson – pp. 91-95

Sueno’s Stone and its Interpreters
David Sellar – pp. 96-116

The Historical MacBeth
Edward J. Cowan – pp. 117-142

The Wolf of Badenoch
Alexander Grant – pp. 143-161

The Great Hall and Roof of Darnaway Castle, Moray

Geoffrey Stell and Michael Baillie – pp. 162-186

The Culbin Sands: A Mystery Unravelled
Sinclair Ross – pp. 187-204

The Historic Architecture of Moray
Ronald G. Cant – pp. 205-224

The Pattern of Moray Building: An Introduction to Traditional Building Materials and Practices
Elizabeth Beaton – pp. 225-252

Names in the Landscape of the Moray Firth
W.F.H. Nicolaisen – pp. 253-262

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