Northern Studies 32 (1997)

Northern Studies 32 (1997)

Northern Studies 32 (1997)

Fröding, Burns, Scott and Carlyle
Peter Graves
Download pp. 7-32

Udal Law
D.J. Cusine
Download pp. 33-46

After Poltava: Peter the Great and the Problem of Sweden, 1709-1724
Thomas Munch-Petersen
Download pp. 47-70

The Brewsters of Aberdeen in 1509
Nicholas Mayhew
Download pp. 71-82

The Database in Early Modern Scottish History: Scandinavia and Northern Europe, 1580-1707
Steve Murdoch
Download pp. 83-104

Scottish-Scandinavian Seventeenth Century Naval Links: A Case Study for the SSNE Database
Alexia Grosjean
Download pp. 105-124

The Bu of Orphir, Burn of Gueth: A Gaelic Pattern in Orkney Place-Names?
Berit Sandnes
Download pp. 125-128

Politics and Local Tradition within the Cult of Saint Magnus of Orkney
George M. Brunsden
Download pp. 129-139

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