Northern Studies 33 (1998)

Northern Studies 33 (1998)

Northern Studies 33 (1998)

Professor Emeritus Duncan M. Mennie, 1909-1998
Irene Scobbie
Download pp. 7-10

The Moot Question of Urbanism: Recent Excavations at Birka
M.A. MacLeod
Download pp. 11-24

Sowing the Wind? Reaping the Crop of Bólstaðr
Peter Gammeltoft
Download pp. 25-37

Iona and the Vikings: Survival and Continuity
Andrew Jennings
Download pp. 37-54

‘Abounding with People of Dyvers Languages’: The Church and Gaelic in the Presbytery of Caithness in the Second Half of the 17th Century
Malcolm Bangor-Jones
Download pp. 55-66

Excavation of a Presumed Round House and Associated Features at Priesthill Farm, near Delny, Ross and Cromarty District, Highland Region, 1993
T. Neighbour
Download pp. 67-92

Book Review – Det Færøske i Kulturhistorisk Belysning, by Bjarne Stoklund
Barbara E. Crawford
Download pp. 93-96

Book Review – The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland, by Michael P. Barnes
Arne Kruse
Download pp. 96-98

Book Review – The Poetic Edda, Vol. II: Mythological Poems, edited by Ursula Dronke
Hermann Pálsson
Download pp. 99-102

Book Review – The Northern Isles: Orkney and Shetland, by Alexander Fenton
Doreen J. Waugh
Download pp. 103-105

Book Review – The Diary of Patrick Fea of Stove, Orkney, 1766-96, transcribed and edited by W.S. Hewison
Harry D. Watson
Download pp. 105-107

Book Review – Scottish Skalds and Sagamen: Old Norse Influence on Modern Scottish Literature, by Julian Meldon D’Arcy
Doreen J. Waugh
Download pp. 108-110

Book Review – Scotland’s Last Royal Wedding: The Marriage of James VI and Anne of Denmark, by David Stevenson
Harry D. Watson
Download pp. 110-112

Book Review – Landnåmsboken, translated by Liv Kjørsvik Schei
Arne Kruse
Download pp. 113-114

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