Northern Studies 50 (2019)

Northern Studies 50 (2019)

Northern Studies 50 (2019)

Vestur-Íslendingar: The Icelanders of Manitoba
Margaret A. Mackay
Download pp. 1-11

Recovery of Human Remains at St Taran’s and St Keith’s Chapel, Taransay, Western Isles
Martin Cook and Mike Roy, with contributions by Dawn McLaren, Ann MacSween, and Kath McSweeney
Download pp. 12-43

Excavation at St Ola’s Chapel, South Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands
Martin Cook and Mike Roy, with contributions by Rob Engl, Dawn McLaren, Fraser Hunter, Melissa Melikian, and Paul Sharman
Download pp. 44-71

The Unst Lay; Ancient Verse, or the Earliest Shetland Dialect Poem?
Brian Smith
Download pp. 72-86

Anna of Denmark and the Politics of Religious Identity in Jacobean Scotland and England, c. 1592-1619
Jemma Field
Download pp. 87-113

‘Bereft of all Human Help?’: Scottish Widows during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648)
Steve Murdoch and Kathrin Zickermann
Download pp. 114-134

Book Review – Scotland: Defending the Nation: Mapping the Military Landscape, by Carolyn Anderson and Christopher Fleet
Maria Gussarsson
Download pp. 135-138

Book Review – Shetland Documents, 1612-1637, edited by John H. Ballantyne, with contributions by Brian Smith
Kelsey Jackson Williams
Download pp. 139-141

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