Northern Studies 44 (2013)

Northern Studies 44 (2013)

Northern Studies 44 (2013)

Obituary – David Finlayson
Download p. 1

Obituary – Angelo Forte
Download p. 2

The Many Lives of St Duthac of Tain: Tracing the Origins of a Late Medieval Scottish Saint
Tom Turpie
Download pp. 3-20

Fate and Cosmogony in Völuspá: Shaping History in a Moment
Declan Taggart
Download pp. 21-35

Late Norse High-Status Sites around the Bay of Skaill, Sandwick, Orkney
James M. Irvine
Download pp. 36-59

Testosterone, Aggression and Status in Early Northern Literature
Tarrin Wills
Download pp. 60-79

Skaldic Saints and Stories of Miracles: Christianity and Vernacular Literary Culture in Trondheim and Kirkwall
Carl Phelpstead
Download pp. 80-97

Showing the Dragon’s Tongue: P.A. Munch’s journey to Scotland, Orkney and London in 1849-1850
Bjørn Bandlien
Download pp. 98-122

Book Review – Court Politics and the Earl of Essex, 1589-1601, by Janet Dickinson
Cynthia Fry
Download pp. 123-124

Book Review – Selling Cromwell’s Wars, by Nicole Greenspan
Pádraig Lenihan
Download pp. 125-127

Book Review – Ambivalent Self-Understanding? Change, Language and Boundaries in the Shetland Islands (1970-Present), by Atina Nihtinen
Ragnhild Ljosland
Download pp. 128-131

Book Review – Bebyggelsenamnen i Mörbylånga kommun: Sveriges ortnamn, Ortnamnen i Kalmar län 7, by Per Vikstrand
Alan Macniven
Download pp. 132-134

Book Review – Phasing out the Colonial Status of Greenland, 1945-1954: A Historical Study by Erik Beukel, Frede P. Jensen, and Jens Elo Rytter, translated by Nancy E. Ake Aen
Silke Reeploeg
Download pp. 135-138

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