Northern Studies 47 (2015)

Northern Studies 47 (2015)

Northern Studies 47 (2015)

How Not to Reconstruct the Iron Age in Shetland: Modern Interpretations of Clickhimin Broch
Brian Smith
Download pp. 1-31

The Controlled Decline of Viking-Ruled Dorestad
Christian Cooijmans
Download pp. 32-46

Some Þing To Talk About: Assemblies in the Íslendingasögur
Hannah Burrows
Download pp. 47-75

Drummer Major James Spens: Letters from a Common Soldier Abroad, 1617-1632
Alexia Grosjean, Steve Murdoch, and Siobhan Talbott
Download pp. 76-101

The Network of James Garden of Aberdeen and North-eastern Scottish Culture in the Seventeenth Century
Kelsey Jackson-Williams
Download pp. 102-130

Political change and cultural reconstruction of the past in Shetland
Atina Nihtinen
Download pp. 131-152

Book Review – The Dream of the North: A Cultural History to 1920, by Peter Fjågesund
Lisa Collinson
Download pp. 153-155

Book Review – Across the German Sea. Early Modern Scottish Connections with the Wider Elbe-Weser Region, by Kathrin Zickermann
Leos Müller
Download pp. 156-158

Book Review – Back to Caledonia: Scottish Return Migration from the Sixteenth Century to the Present, edited by Mario Varricchio
Piotr Potocki
Download pp. 159-162

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