Northern Studies 45 (2013)

Northern Studies 45 (2013)

Northern Studies 45 (2013)

Columba and Jonah – A Motif in the Dispersed Art of Iona
Arne Kruse
Download pp. 1-26

The Scots and Early Modern Scandinavia: A 21st Century Review
Steve Murdoch
Download pp. 27-45

The Control of Trade in Scotland during the Reigns of James VI and Charles I
Claire McLoughlin
Download pp. 46-67

‘Borgs’, Boats and the Beginnings of Islay’s Medieval Parish Network
Alan Macniven
Download pp. 68-99

Scottish Merchant Families in the Early Modern Period
Kathrin Zickermann
Download pp. 100-118

North Atlantic Drift: The Scandinavian Dimension in Modern Scottish Literature
Michael Stachura
Download pp. 119-141

Book Review – Scots in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 16th-18th Centuries: The Formation and Disappearance of an Ethnic Group, by Peter Paul Bajer
Anna Kalinowska
Download pp. 142-144

Book Review – Records of the Convention of Royal Burghs, 1555; 1631-1648, edited by Alan R. MacDonald and Mary Verschuur
Claire McLoughlin
Download pp. 145-146

Book Review – Protestant Cosmopolitanism and Diplomatic Culture: Brandenburg-Swedish Relations in the Seventeenth Century, by Daniel Riches
Björn Nordgren
Download pp. 147-150

Book Review – The North Atlantic Frontier of Medieval Europe: Vikings and Celts, edited by James Muldoon
Alexandra Sanmark
Download pp. 151-153

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