Northern Studies 52 (2021)

Northern Studies 52 (2021)

Northern Studies 52 (2021)

Fishing at the Edge of Existence: Shetland, Faroes, Iceland, c. 1540-1790
Poul Holm and John Nicholls
Download pp. 1-21

Why Are There Very Few Scandinavian Place-names in Ireland?
Peter J. Church
Download pp. 22-37

Evangelists of Stone: Chapels within Landscapes of Conversion in Viking Age and Late Norse Shetland
Scott McCreadie
Download pp. 38-52

Networks of Recruitment: Fiscal-Military Operations to Contract Foreign Soldiers for Sweden, 1605-1610
Jaakko Björklund and Sebastian Schiavone
Download pp. 53-97

Scots and Scandinavia as Seen through Alba Amicorum, 1540s – 1720s
Thomas Brochard
Download pp. 98-136

A ‘Project was Contrived and Carryed on with Great Secrecy’: International Irish Jacobite Networks and the Madagascar Project, 1718-1723
Harry M. Lewis
Download pp. 137-163

Alexander Ormiston Curle and the Archaeology of Caithness: An Evaluation
Andrew Conlon
Download pp. 164-183

Book Review – Courage and Grief: Women and Sweden’s Thirty Years’ War, by Mary Elizabeth Ailes.
Kathrin Zickermann
Download pp. 184-185

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