Northern Studies 53 (2022)

Northern Studies 53 (2022)

Northern Studies 53 (2022)

The Climatic Motive for Leaving Scotland, c. 1770 – c. 1890
Graeme Morton
Download pp. 1-26

Northern Maccabees: The Speech of Ralph Nowell, Bishop of Orkney, at the Battle of the Standard, 1138
Jesse Patrick Harrington
Download pp. 27-41

Scottish Involvement in an Anglo-Dutch Army in Danish Service: Reassessing the ‘English’ Expedition of Sir Charles Morgan, 1627-9
Jack Abernethy
Download pp. 42-71

‘Roi d’Angleterre’ and ‘Le Pretendant’: A Cultural Semiotic Approach to the Use of Titles by Swedish Diplomats, 1715-17
Emma J. Forsberg
Download pp. 72-91

The History of the North of Scotland Before 1945: As Told By Surfers
Matthew L. McDowell
Download pp. 92-115

Book Review – Crucible of Nations: Scotland from Viking Age to Medieval Kingdom, by Adrián Maldonado
Sophia Kniaz
Download pp. 116-119

Book Review – Henry Sinclair Casebook, by Vicki Hild
Rachel Meredith Davis
Download pp. 120-121

Book Review – Triumphal Entries and Festivals in Early Modern Scotland: Performing Spaces, by Giovanna Guidicini
Kevin Hall
Download pp. 122-124

Book Review – Confessional Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe, edited by Roberta Anderson and Charlotte Backerra
Beth Cowen
Download pp. 125-127

Book Review – The First British Army, 1624-1628: the Army of the Duke of Buckingham, by Laurence Spring
Jack Abernethy
Download pp. 128-131

Book Review – Från dansk krigstjänst 1848–1849: Gustaf Envalls dagbok och Carl Fredrik Wilhelm Gripenbergs berättelse, edited by Lars Ericson Wolke
Natalie M. Smith
Download pp. 132-133

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