Northern Studies 43 (2012)

Northern Studies 43 (2012)

Northern Studies 43 (2012)

“So is All the World a Story”. An Icelandic Storyteller’s Life and Stories
Rósa Þorsteinsdóttir
Download pp. 1-13

The Silver Hoards of Viking-Age Scotland: The Power of ‘Ring-Money’
Rebecca Hall
Download pp. 14-25

Ingibjorg Jarlamóðir
William P.L. Thomson
Download pp. 26-39

Appearances of Satan in Mediaeval and Early Modern Europe: A Problem or Not?
P.G. Maxwell-Stuart
Download pp. 40-49

Henry, King of Scots: An Analysis of Royal Authority and Diplomatic Influence – Evidence from the National Archives of Denmark
Cynthia Fry
Download pp. 50-70

The Battle of Wittstock 1636: Conflicting Reports on a Swedish Victory in Germany
Steve Murdoch, Kathrin Zickermann, and Adam Marks
Download pp. 71-109

A Note on the Scots in 17th Century Sigtuna
Stefan Palm and Ola Undin
Download pp. 110-127

Book Review – Lagerlöfs Litterære landvinding. Nation, monilitet og modernitet i Nils Holgersson og tilgrænsende tekster, by Bjarne Thorup Thomsen
Helena Forsås-Scott
Download pp. 128-130

Book Review – Exploring the World of the Vikings, by Richard Hall
Paul Gazzoli
Download pp. 131-133

Book Review – Europe’s Tragedy: A History of the Thirty Years’ War, by Peter H. Wilson
Adam Marks
Download pp. 134-136

Book Review – The Northern Conquest: Vikings in Britain and Ireland, by Katherine Holman
Lisa Collinson
Download pp. 137-140

Book Review – Ireland, Radicalism and the Scottish Highlands, c. 1870-1912, by Andrew Newby
Gordon Pentland
Download pp. 141-142

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