Northern Studies 36 (2001)

Northern Studies 36 (2001)

Northern Studies 36 (2001)

The Picts and the Martyrs
Brian Smith
Download pp. 7-32

War or Peace? The Relations Between the Picts and the Norse in Orkney
Jessica Bäcklund
Download pp. 33-48

Women and Ships in the Viking World
Judith Jesch
Download pp. 49-68

In (and around) Scatness
Doreen J. Waugh
Download pp. 69-90

Settlement Names of Two Millenniums: The Dating of the Land-Names and the Semantics of the Ending -Land
Inge Særheim
Download pp. 91-108

Entrapment and Escape: Narrative Techniques in Representations of Sexual Abuse in Herbjørg Wassmo’s Huset med den blinde glassveranda
Steinvör Pálsson
Download pp. 109-130

Book Review – Prolonged Echoes: Old Norse Myths in Medieval Northern Society, Vols 1 & 2, by Margaret Clunies Ross
Hermann Pálsson
Download pp. 131-140

Book Review – George Campbell Hay (Deðrsa Mac Iain Dheðrsa), edited by Michel Byrne
Thomas Owen Clancy
Download pp. 141-145

Book Review – Fröding, Burns and Scott, by Peter Graves
Harry D. Watson
Download pp. 145-148

Book Review – Ethics and Action in Thirteenth-Century Iceland, by Guðrún Nordal
Hermann Pálsson
Download pp. 149-150

Book Review – Chieftains and Power in the Icelandic Commonwealth, by Jón Viðar Sigurðsson
Hermann Pálsson
Download pp. 151-152

Book Review – Toons and Tenants: Settlement and Society in Shetland, 1299-1899, by Brian Smith
Gareth Williams
Download pp. 152-155

Book Review – The Place-Names of Arran, by Ian A. Fraser
Doreen J. Waugh
Download pp. 155-156

Book Review – The Norwegian Invasion of England in 1066, by Kelly DeVries
Alex Woolf
Download pp. 157-159

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