Northern Studies 38 (2004)

Northern Studies 38 (2004)

Northern Studies 38 (2004)

‘Central Places’ in Viking-Age Orkney
Frans-Arne Stylegar
Download pp. 5-30

Among Dímons and Papeys: What Kind of Contact Do the Names Really Point To?
Peder Gammeltoft
Download pp. 31-50

The Coming of the Christmas Visitors: Folk Legends Concerning the Attacks on Icelandic Farmhouses Made by Sprits at Christmas
Terry Gunnell
Download pp. 51-76

The Iona Chronicle, the Descendants of Áedan mac Gabráin, and the ‘Principal Kindreds of Dál Riata’
James E. Fraser
Download pp. 77-96

A Reconsideration of the Kirk-Names in South-West Scotland
Alison Grant
Download pp. 97-122

Adomnán – Vanquisher of Binary Opposition: A Structural Analysis of the Miracles in the Second Book of Adomnán’s Vita Columbae
Jonathan Miles-Watson
Download pp. 123-133

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