Northern Studies 42 (2011)

Northern Studies 42 (2011)

Northern Studies 42 (2011)

Alan Macniven, Bjarne Thorup Thomsen, and Arne Kruse
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‘Gigantic grandeur’ or ‘Odd, boring, morbid and obscene’. Aspects of the Reception of Scandinavian Literature in Britain
Peter Graves
Download pp. 1-16

Fair Isle
Arne Kruse
Download pp. 17-40

Comparative Considerations: Lagerlöf, Andersen – and the British Perspective
Bjarne Thorup Thomsen
Download pp. 41-54

Selma Lagerlöf’s Löwensköldska ringen: Travel, Transfer and the Transformative Significance of Narration
Helena Forsås-Scott
Download pp. 55-67

Franz Kafka’s Transformations
Andrew Barker
Download pp. 68-75

A Return Ticket for the Shetland Bus? Scottish-Swedish Air Connections during the Second World War
John Gilmour
Download pp. 76-94

The French Fascination with a Scandinavian Model
Vaughan Rogers
Download pp. 95-106

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