Northern Studies 39 (2005)

Northern Studies 39 (2005)

Northern Studies 39 (2005)

Ian Alexander Morrison (1940-2005)
Ian A. Fraser
Download pp. 1-3

Hermann Pálsson: Saga Scholarship
Magnus Magnusson
Download pp. 4-11

Ultima Thule in West European and Icelandic Traditions
Tatjana N. Jackson
Download pp. 12-24

The Swedish Knight and his Lunatic Son
John H. Ballantyne
Download pp. 25-50

Connecting Cultures: Hans Christian Andersen as a Travel Writer
Bjarne Thorup Thomsen
Download pp. 51-69

A Later Prehistoric House and Early Medieval Buildings in Northern Scotland: Excavations at Loch Shurrery and Lambsdale Leans, Caithness, 1955
Alistair MacLaren, Ewan Campbell, Gordon Cook, Richard Hingley, Janet Hooper, and L.H. Wells
Download pp. 70-79

The Northern Isles: Between Two Nations
Torhild Øien
Download pp. 80-104

The Norn-to-Scots Language Shift: Another Look at Socio-Historical Evidence
Remco Knooihuizen
Download pp. 105-117

Book Review – Fra Starafjall til Starling Hill: Dannelse og utvikling av norrøne stedsnavn på Orknøyene, by Berit Sandnes
Simon Taylor
Download pp. 118-124

Addendum to Northern Studies Vol. 38
James E. Fraser
Download pp. 125-130

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