Northern Studies 48 (2016)

Northern Studies 48 (2016)

Northern Studies 48 (2016)

Introduction: Early Modern Scottish-Scandinavian Studies
Kelsey Jackson-Williams and Kathrin Zickermann
Download pp. 1-7

Identities and Contacts: Scots and their Relations with Scandinavia, 1500-1700
Thomas Brochard
Download pp. 8-29

The Scandinavian Service of British Isles Musicians ca. 1520-1650
Alexia Grosjean
Download pp. 30-49

‘Medic!’: An Insight into Scottish Field Surgeons, Physicians, and Medical Provision during the Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648
Steve Murdoch
Download pp. 50-65

Joachim Frederik von Bassen: A Danish Scholar in Restoration Scotland
Kelsey Jackson-Williams
Download pp. 66-81

Book Review – The Rivals: Montrose and Argyll and the Struggle for Scotland, by Murdo Fraser
Andrew Lind
Download pp. 82-84

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