Northern Studies 23 (1986)

Northern Studies 23 (1986)

Northern Studies 23 (1986)

Doreen Waugh
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The Setting for the Brough of Deerness, Orkney
Christopher D. Morris, with Norman Emery
Download pp. 1-30

Northern Scandinavia: A Multi-Ethnic Society Seen from an Ethnological Point-of-View
Venke Olsen
Download pp. 31-74

Some Scots in Denmark
Duncan M. Mennie
Download pp. 75-83

Norse Naming Elements in Shetland and Faroe: A Comparative Study
Lindsay J. Macgregor
Download pp. 84-101

Book Review – Scandinavian Scotland [Scotland in the Early Middle Ages 2], by Barbara E. Crawford
Ian A. Fraser
Download pp. 102-105

Book Review – Monuments of Industry: An Illustrated Historical Record, by Geoffrey D. Hay & Geoffrey P. Stell
Bruce Walker
Download pp. 105-107

Book Review – Shetland Archaeology: New Work in Shetland in the 1970s, edited by Brian Smith
Colleen Batey
Download pp. 107-109

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