Northern Studies 25 (1988)

Northern Studies 25 (1988)

Northern Studies 25 (1988)

Doreen Waugh
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Udal Law: An Introduction
W.S. Jane Ryder
Download pp. 1-20

Shetland in Saga-Time: Rereading the Orkneyinga Saga
Brian Smith
Download pp. 21-41

The Armada and the Northern Isles
Peter Anderson
Download pp. 42-57

The Norse Landnam in the Faroe Islands in the Light of Recent Excavations at Toftanes, Leirvík
Steffen Stummann Hansen
Download pp. 58-84

The Debate on Forestry as a Means of Solving the Highland Problem in the Twentieth Century
Ingi Sigurðsson
Download pp. 85-107

Chiefly Consumption in Commonwealth Iceland
E. Paul Durrenberger
Download pp. 108-120

The Reverend James MacDonald: An Opinionated Traveller in Denmark and Sweden
Harry D. Watson
Download pp. 121-162

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