Northern Studies 26 (1989)

Northern Studies 26 (1989)

Northern Studies 26 (1989)

Irene Scobbie
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Iona: History, Tradition and Settlement
E. Mairi MacArthur
Download pp. 1-14

The Clan Maclean: An Amphibious Fighting Force
Nicholas Maclean-Bristol
Download pp. 15-27

The Baptists of the Ross of Mull: Evangelical Experience and Social Change in a West Highland Community
Donald E. Meek
Download pp. 28-42

In the Lee of Rockall
W.W. Gauld
Download pp. 43-55

Siward – Sigurd – Sigfrid?
Susan Edgington
Download pp. 56-59

Stieg Claesson’s Ancient Monuments – The End of an Era
Irene Scobbie
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Book Reviews:

  • Picts: An Introduction to the Life of the Picts and the Carved Stones in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland, by Anna Ritchie
  • Togail Tir, Marking Time: The Map of the Western Isles, edited by Finlay MacLeod

Ian A. Fraser
Download pp. 68-70

Book Review – The Birsay Bay Project, Vol. I: Brough Road Excavations 1976-82, by C.D. Morris 
Barbara Crawford
Download pp. 70-72

Book Review – Travellers in a Bygone Shetland: An Anthology, by Derek Flinn
Hance D. Smith
Download pp. 72-73

Book Review – Vikings in Russia: Yngvar’s Saga and Eymund’s Saga, translated by Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards
Peter Graves
Download pp. 73-74

Book Review – Polytheistic Systems, edited by Glenys Davies
Morten Lund Warmind
Download pp. 74-76

Book Review – English-Norwegian Dictionary, Engelsk-norsk ordbok, by Willy A. Kirkeby
Arne Kruse
Download pp. 76-77

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