Northern Studies 27 (1990)

Northern Studies 27 (1990)

Northern Studies 27 (1990)

Irene Scobbie
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Climatic Changes and Human Geography: Scotland in a North Atlantic Context
Ian Morrison
Download pp. 1-11

Cargoes and Commodities: Aberdeen’s Trade with Scandinavia and the Baltic, c. 1302-1542
David Ditchburn
Download pp. 12-22

National Rivalries in the North Sea Herring Fishery, 1790-1914
Malcolm Gray
Download pp. 23-34

Settlement Patterns at Tuquoy, Westray, Orkney
William P.L. Thomson
Download pp. 35-49

Aberdeen: A Toponymic Key to the Region
W.F.H. Nicolaisen
Download pp. 50-63

Jorvik Revisited, with Egil Skalla-Grimsson
Vésteinn Ólason
Download pp. 64-76

Book Review – Invaders of Scotland: An Introduction to the Archaeology of the Romans, Scots, Angles and Vikings, by Anna Ritchie & David J. Breeze
Ian A. Fraser
Download p. 77

Book Review – Our Vanishing Heritage, Forestry and Archaeology, edited by E.V.W. Proudfoot
Geoffrey Stell
Download pp. 77-79

Book Reviews:

  • The Age of Conquest: Wales 1063-1415, by R.R Davis
  • The Political Development of the British Isles: 1100-1400, by Robin Frame

W.D.H. Sellar
Download pp. 79-80

Book Review – The Mackie Monographs: Scotland and Scandinavia 800-1800, edited by Grant Simpson
Doreen Waugh
Download pp. 80-82

Book Review – The Orkney Balfours, by R.P. Fereday
Peter D. Anderson
Download pp. 82-83

A Note on the Swedish Book Review
Helena Forsås-Scott
Download pp. 83-85

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