Northern Studies 22 (1985)

Northern Studies 22 (1985)

Northern Studies 22 (1985)

Doreen Waugh
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Cultural Landscape Change on the Outer Coast of Central Norway
Michael Jones
Download pp. 1-27

The Crofting ‘Pioneer Fringe’ in Nineteenth Century Shapinsay, Orkney
William P. L. Thomson
Download pp. 28-39

P.C. Jersild’s Novel Djurdoktorn and Modern Swedish Society
Irene Scobbie
Download pp. 40-51

Peter Dass (1647-1707)
John Simpson
Download pp. 52-64

The Penny in the Pennylands: Coinage in Scotland in the Early MIddle Ages
Veronica Smart
Download pp. 65-70

Oliver Cromwell and Queen Christina: A Sidelight upon the Court of Sweden, 1656-4
Edward Turnbull
Download pp. 71-82

MS Found in the Garderobe of Castle Weary, Benbecula
Edited by Doreen Waugh
Download pp. 83-85

Book Review – Culture and History in Mediaeval Iceland: An Anthropological Analysis of Structure and Changeby K. Hastrup
Anthony Jackson
Download pp. 86-88

Book Review – Scandinavian Settlement Names in the North-West, by Gillian Fellows-Jensen
Ian A. Fraser
Download pp. 88-90

Book Reviews:

  • The Orkney Story, by Liv Kjörsvik Schei & Gunnie Moberg
  • The Prehistory of Orkney, B.C. 4000-1000 A.D., edited by Colin Renfrew
  • Earl, Saint, Bishop, Skald – and Music: The Orkney Earldom of the Twelfth Century, A Musicological Study, by Ingrid De Geer

Barbara Crawford
Download pp. 90-93

Book Review – Exploring Scotland’s Heritage: Orkney and Shetland, edited by Anna Ritchie
Doreen Waugh
Download pp. 93-94

Journal Review – Swedish Book Review: 1984, published by the Swedish-English Literary Translators’ Association
Maja Jackson
Download pp. 94-95

Obituaries – Professor William Beattie & Gladys Hird
Ian A. Fraser
Download pp. 96-97

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