Northern Studies 1 (1973)

Northern Studies 1 (1973)

Northern Studies 1 (1973)

Editor’s Preface
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Origins and Development of the Society
Ian Fraser
Download pp. 2-4

Presidential Message
Ted Cowan
Download pp. 5-9

Scandinavian Studies, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
D.M. Mennie
Download pp. 10-12

Scandinavian Studies at Aberdeen University
Irene Scobbie
Download pp. 13-15

The Danish Institute
Arne Hyldkrog
Download pp. 15-16

Scandinavian Books in the National Library of Scotland
Isabel Henderson
Download pp. 17-20

Northern Studies in the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland, Edinburgh
John Baldwin
Download pp. 20-23

Empty Islands or Integration? An Archaeological Estimate of the Norse Impact on the Northern Isles
Anna Ritchie
Download pp. 23-25

Fortification in the Areas of Scandinavian Settlement in the British Isles
Eric Talbot
Download pp. 26-27

Bishop’s Castle, Scrabster, Caithness: An Interim Excavation Report
Eric Talbot
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